Driftwood Diary

Driftwood has found a home on Vancouver Island. 

There is driftwood that takes a bird’s eye view. 

And wood that takes center stage — in sculpture pose…

...or in more of a cameo role.


Some driftwood makes a scene–like this alligator wrestlng with a dinosaur bone.

But my favorite driftwood reveals faces – gazing out…maybe reflecting on the journey that brought them here.

Like ancient warriors — or wood-iors…

and their once noble steeds.

This one rules in exile — alone.

Some find companionship ashore.

While others are like a fish out of water.  

Then there are those that get gussied up and sing the siren song.


But many just stick to their roots…

…and never get the drift.



  1. simpletravelourway · September 4, 2012

    Your first blog post! Great start and I love the ancient warrior.

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