Seagull Storm

As a costal city, Victoria, BC is seagull central.  Ubiquity breeds ignominity.  

But in dismissing the gull as the Rodney Dangerfield of birds, you might miss the the gull taking flight from a Totem…


…or taking (a) flight from Victoria’s harbor.

The morning snack…

…or afternoon canoodle.


The penthouse peek…


…and the park serenade.

Gulls do tend to blend…

or try to.

But walking along the Strait of San Juan de Fuca there’s always an opportunity to see gulls in a new light.


Like after a raucous storm, when the roiled waters bring up a host of seafood and a storm of seagulls.

The early bird special!


There were those who sat and watched…




and those that served themselves.

“Hmm – what’s on the menu?”


“Crab! ”  

“I hate to eat and fly….but I’ve got a sunset to catch.” 


One comment

  1. rezmanager · September 25, 2012

    this one is my favourite of your first four…I once saw an octopus grab and eat a sea gull off Ogden Point…wish I had you and your camera then…it would have been printed in the New York Times…best… whonoz

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