Running with the Bison in LA

A morning stroll downtown, and a “what the…” moment.  Bison crossing?? Where’s the sign?  Then you remember you’re in LA, so it’s showbiz that’s afoot.

   Waiting for their closeup…

    …the scene is set.

   It’s a commercial for an insurance company, that I guess, covers you if your car is rammed by buffalo.  

   On the top floor terrace of a nearby hotel, a cameraman gets a steadying hand.

   Who you looking at?

   Chow for the LAPD who will provide safe crossing.


    Bison paparazzi.

    Canada has the “Loonie” maybe America needs to get off the dime and get back to the “Bison Nickel.”

   The work day is over, but for this guy, there’s no room at the lot.


One comment

  1. rezmanager · November 22, 2012

    my fav is the duck one…in both cases you have done a great job telling a story with your shots and minimal captions…your heart leads your camera…very nice…

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