LA with Andre

An October visit in LA to hang with our grandson Andre.   Our downtown hotel in this city of sun and glass.

We sweep back the curtains for the iconic welcome.

Which is a good sign since we are traveling with a Superhero.

Even undercover you can tell he’s ready to fight for peace.

Or not.

But there’s sightseeing to do – a stop in the downtown library’s storied treasure chest of a children’s reading room.

Where it’s easy to draw new friends.

The library’s got an eye on the past…

…and present.

Housed with artistic flair.

But then, LA is a city that shares its artistic side.

And it reflects well.

A city with its own sign language.

Who knew?

But for Andre life is a beach…

a dip…

…and a Hollywood moment.

The stuff that dreams are made of.


One comment

  1. rezmanager · November 28, 2012

    architecture to inspire and a story line worthy of the capital city of cinema…

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