To Spite the Face

The slow-motion train wreck that is the US Congress, is about to speed up, and even take to the air.

It’s “sequester spring” after the Republican’s refusal to raise taxes on America’s most wealthy, brought billions of dollars in indescriminate cuts to federal programs.

The unkindest cuts of all, mean that 140,000 low-income families won’t get housing help, and 70,000 poor children will be denied pre-school.

But the cuts that worry Republicans most, are those that might provoke the general public, like those now causing flight delays at US airports.

What happens when air traffic controllers are furloughed and communication towers shut down?

It might look like what I witnessed during a recent walk in the park.

Close calls in the air, and stasis on the ground.


What a nation reaps when it sows neglect… is the call of the wild…


…and chaos.


Slashing social spending in the face of dire need, is no walk in the park.

It’s like cutting off the nose…to spite the face.

Time to sound the alarm:  “austerity” sucks.



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