Front Row Busking

Fun can be hard work, ask any entertainer–better yet, ask a busker.

At this year’s Busker’s Festival, I gained a front row appreciation for the sweat equity invested by these modern day vaudevillians.

When it comes to catching and holding a crowd, they’re playing with fire.





I had seen this married pair perform before, but enjoyed this close-up so much more.




The crowd was pumped…


As is often the case–a call was made for audience participation, and a young girl responded.



Fortified, our young volunteer made ready for the catch in the hat.


Alas, not all attempts are successful, though she made an after-the-fact lunge.


Despite the drop she was a happy camper, and got $20 for her performance.  

Meanwhile the leader of the next act was warming up by massaging the shoulder’s of an audience member .  


Until the tourist turned the tables.


These break dancers from the heart of the city, brought a bit of New York to Victoria’s island scene.


And yes, they asked for audience participants.

Earlier, I had mistakenly responded to their question: “Anyone here from New York?”

“Born in Brooklyn,” I shouted.  

Minutes later, I found myself in front of my own camera, pulled up from my front row seat to “dance”.  Dare I say, I got a bit carried away.



After I exited, to the high fives of 8, 10 and 12 year olds, the show climaxed with a successful leap over a bevy of new volunteers…


…and a fare thee well from the buskers.P1310129




One comment

  1. April Moore · September 2, 2014

    I enjoyed the show! Sorry I didn’t get to see you in your full dancing glory!

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