Bird Tales

Beacon Hill Park in Victoria is normally a place of peace,

   offering a time…to take time.

Photos - 1419

Photos - 2387

But one day the peace was broken,

   by a cacophony of sound.  

For this couple,

  there was trouble in paradise.

Photos - 8254

It was out in the open,

   the push and pull of relationships…

Photos - 8252

Photos - 8253

  the dance of distress.

Photos - 8251


Photos - 8250


Photos - 8249

How was it resolved?

…in the end, the squawking you take,

is equal to the squawking you make.

Photos - 8255


There’s another pair of Island birds that stick in my memory.

I first came upon this woman,

   eating lunch on the Dallas Beach path.

Favorite 2013-2014 - 323

And on a fence post directly across from her…

   perched a pair of Ravens.

This pair were clearly in sync, in silent supplication,

   and hungary for attention.

Favorite 2013-2014 - 322






One comment

  1. April Moore · October 2, 2014

    Maybe the gulls were engaged in a mating ritual.

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